Why is this such an important change for D squared?

Our company will stand out above all the rest in regards to professionalism, appearance and speed of which we complete work and supply test sheets, invoices and O&M’s.

This will ensure more money in the company, so you get better rewards, uniforms, and perks that others in our trade will not get.

You know where you are working, and when at least a week in advance. You are in the know!

You are paid travel from home to site. As long as you put it on SimPRO!

All of the information relating to D Squared is easy to find and in one place. This is part of our unified vision.

Allow you guys to create site knowledge. The more you put in system the easier yours and others jobs are.

Time sheets will be replaced with SimPRO – if you provide the information to SimPRO, we can do the rest. Less frustrated phone calls trying to find things.

Commission/bonus – we can now work out how to pay bonuses and commission.

From site you can create extras/up lifts to allow a smooth transition from site to office.

Plant equipment will be traceable. If someone has what you need you can find it.

All employee information, certificates, contact numbers can be changed in the app by you. We get reminders when things are expiring (driving license, mewp passes, MOD pass)

Bottom line here is better run company results in better profit margins…..which means more potential to earn better rates of pay. Win = Win really.