Cost is always a point that requires some understanding. We, as a company, work towards fit-and-forget installations for our clients, so when a specification comes to us, we spend time breaking down the requirements and ensuring each area has been thought through.

We also ensure we have covered all the requirements and highlight areas that may have fallen short and need a little more attention paid.

Alongside this, we have signed up for numerous regulatory boards to ensure the highest standards are held with any work we do. Each of these has costs to be enrolled in, but also requires considerable time to be spent in training to ensure we continue to keep the best standards possible.

We also use a system in the office to ensure all of the information from any specific jobs is in one place, which the engineers on site have access to. This allows us to streamline the time spent on a job, ensuring it runs smoothly and that everyone has access to all the supplied information.

In addition, we have a fleet of vans requiring insurance, fuel and so many tires we lose count!

Due to our industry being highly regulated, we spend a fair amount of time conducting toolbox talks, on-site training, and providing courses at different times in the engineers’ careers. These all need to be covered within what we cost each job at.

With being a commercial and industrial based company we have all the insurances, experience and knowledge required in this field, which does push our costs up higher than that of a one man band.

For every 5 to 6 people we have working on jobs, we also have a project manager who oversees the work flow and ensures everyone has everything they need to complete their day’s tasks.