Eastney Beam Engine House

Project Overview

This project with Eastney Beam Engine House consisted of a multitude of different works being carried out:

  • Installation of new steel conduit and trunking containment system.
  • Installation of new power & new Dextra track lighting with feature lighting, space lighting and emergency lighting.
  • Various distribution board changes with AFDD protection.
  • Modification of existing lighting circuits to allow for a wireless switch.
  • New Star Delta Starter with stop start facility to operate an old motor exhibit.

Project Challenges & Solutions:

This project threw a number of challenges at us. One of the biggest was it being a grade listed building. All works carried out were to the drawing which was approved beforehand by English Heritage, any changes needed to these drawings were identified early by D Squared and sent for re-approval. This was critical to ensure it did not have a detrimental impact on the program. When installing the works, strict procedures were followed and adhered to, such as only drilling into mortar lines for fixings and making sure all containment matches the existing wall colours. We as a company have an abundance of experience working in listed buildings such as Southsea Castle and Portsmouth Museum, so we know having the right people with the correct skills and expertise is crucial in succeeding.

Project Process:

Office, Work Shop and Engine Rooms.

Throughout these 4 rooms new steel trunking and steel conduit was installed to facilitate the wiring for the new lighting and power needed. The containment size and circuitry was calculated and designed by D Squared, following the client’s specification and drawings. In the office, a new distribution board was installed to replace the old non-compliant one, this included AFDD & RCBO protection.

Upper Beam House Museum

In this area we were tasked to disconnect all the old Bakelite switches controlling individual lights so that a new RF wireless switch could be installed in a more convenient place at the entrance. This area was a partial rewire to rid some of the old cabling colours. The Bakelite switches were left in situ and now part of the museum exhibition.

Mezzanine Exhibition Area

Works began by installing the low level steel trunking around the perimeter of the room. This allowed us to install the circuitry for the general sockets, heater spurs and a new circuit for the stop/start Star Delta Starter controlling exhibition motor. Again this was calculated and designed by D Squared following the specification and drawings. Special attention was needed on the motor exhibit due to how old the machine was, and lack of information for design requirements. Expert knowledge from D Squared engineers and collaboration with a motor controls company saw a new lease of life bled into the motor. We then turned our attention to installing the lighting system, this was specified by the client and designed by Dextra lighting then installed by D Squared. The track lighting was a nice easy system to install. The system allowed us to have 3 functions of control switching, space lighting for general day to day, spot lighting for illuminating the exhibits and self-testing emergency lighting.

Team Requirements:

This job was carried out using two teams of two for the first two weeks of the project. This allowed us to start in multiple areas and make a big push to start off. We then reduced the labour down to a pair to see the job over the line. Initially this was a four week project that we managed to complete in three weeks due to the efforts of our engineers onsite.

After Project Care:

Dates were agreed for a handover meeting for all parties involved in the project. This is where we give instruction & training to the client. Also O&M manuals were passed on to the contracts administrator detailing the information of the electrical install. A 12-month defect period will be in place where any faulty equipment will be changed or if possible rectified onsite.

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