D Day Museum

Portsmouth city council enlisted our expertise for a comprehensive lighting upgrade at the D Day museum in Southsea. The project aimed to replace existing lighting in the Dulverton Room, whilst upgrading the emergency fittings and enhancing the overall illumination throughout the premises.

Project Specifications:

Our work on the project included the following scope:

  • Replacement of all Emergency Lighting in the Dulverton Room.
  • Addressing the faulty recessed lighting in the café area, staff room, staff toilet, and the main toilet corridor.
  • Replacing the faulty emergency blade lights.
  • Replacing the main office light.
  • Replacing the front external light.
  • Investigating the wiring and installation methods of the reception lights.
The Dulverton Room

Project Success Factors:

  • Closed Site Period: The temporary closure of the site allowed for efficient and uninterrupted work on the lighting upgrade.
  • Precise Planning: Despite the unusual layout, our team meticulously planned the installation to ensure a seamless execution.
  • Collaborative Conversations: Engaging with on-site individuals helped identify the most useful lighting scenes, enhancing the overall functionality of the space.

D Day Museum

Project Challenges:

Working with a design created by others, our team needed to bring the specified design to life on-site. The site presented numerous variables and, due to its unique layout, precise planning was crucial. The building’s fabrication needed to be evaluated for potential alterations to accommodate the new lights.

Project Planning and Execution:

Despite the challenges, the project proceeded smoothly with the site’s temporary closure providing an opportunity to carry out the upgrade efficiently.

With a detailed plan in hand, our team executed the replacement of Emergency Lighting, addressed faulty recessed lighting, and replaced various fixtures, including the main office lights and front external light.

Versatile Lighting Scenes:

Through in-depth conversations with individuals on-site, we strategically utilized the existing versatile lighting scenes. This ensured that the lighting not only met practical needs but also enhanced the usability of the spaces for different events and occasions.

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The Dulverton Room is available for hire as an events space with availability for up to 50 people. With a projector equipped and roving microphones, why not organise your own function here and see our handy work for yourselves!

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