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Wireless Fire Control System

Allied Care is a leading provider of specialised care services for adults with disabilities and mental health conditions. They deliver essential care in domiciliary and residential homes across several regions, including Essex, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, New Forest, Oxon, Wiltshire, and Devon.


To ensure a seamless transition, we strategically kept the old system live until we rigorously tested and verified the efficiency of the new wireless fire control system.

This approach guaranteed uninterrupted safety for the residents, allowing them to rest easy knowing they were protected at all times.

Project Results:

  • Enhanced Safety: The wireless fire control system provided comprehensive coverage, ensuring the safety of all residents.
  • Minimal Downtime: The wireless installation allowed us to maintain continuous safety measures without disrupting the daily routines of the residents.
  • Seamless Transition: Keeping the old system live during the testing phase ensured uninterrupted safety for all occupants.

Project Requirements:

Allied Care approached us with a request to enhance the safety of one of their domiciliary properties in West Sussex with a replacement fire control system. The existing system needed an upgrade to ensure optimal safety for the residents.

Project Solution:

Upon assessment, we recommended implementing a wireless fire control system. This choice offered comprehensive coverage for all properties within the facility, providing residents with total peace of mind. 

The wireless technology allowed us to install the new system without causing downtime or compromising the safety of the residence.

Project Successes:

The success of the wireless fire control system at the West Sussex domiciliary property prompted Allied Care to implement the same solution across various other sites.

The initial deployment was at a domiciliary property featuring a mix of flats and bedsits within a single building.


Our collaboration with Allied Care resulted in the successful implementation of a wireless fire control system, elevating safety standards across their domiciliary properties.

The positive outcomes have led to the expansion of this solution to other sites, reinforcing our commitment to delivering effective and tailored safety solutions for our clients.

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