All Saints Church

Illuminating All Saints Church with Modern Elegance

All Saints Church, a cherished community space open to the public, sought our expertise to upgrade its facilities. The project involved rewiring circuits and transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting to enhance the aesthetics and reduce running costs. The church hosts various events, including its weekly service, making it essential to create a versatile and welcoming environment.

All Saints Church Lighting Example

Collaboration and Communication:

Working alongside DM Habens, the main builders on the site, required seamless communication and coordination. Our team liaised with other contractors to ensure that different areas of the site were completed according to the project’s timeline. This collaboration was crucial in achieving a cohesive and well-coordinated project delivery.

Lighting Implementation:

As the site neared completion, our focus shifted to completing the LED lighting setup. This showed the lighting scenes in the different areas for the first time, elevating the overall aesthetic to a high standard.

The versatility of the lighting design provided the flexibility needed for All Saints Church to utilise the space in the different ways desired, depending on which areas are required. This was a key component of the client’s brief in order to be accommodating to the diverse range of events at the venue.

All Saints Church Entrance
All Saints Church lighting

Project Requirements:

  • Rewiring Circuits
  • Transitioning to LED Lighting
  • Accommodating Different Events

Project Solution:

To meet the unique needs of All Saints Church, we collaborated closely with the client to understand their specifications. Our team crafted both a lighting design and electrical design, offering various options to compliment the new building layout. This meticulous planning allowed for optimal balance between functionality and aesthetics to be reached for the client.

Project Results:

Seamless Collaboration: Working alongside DM Habens and other contractors ensured a well-coordinated and timely project completion.


Our collaboration with All Saints Church resulted in a successful upgrade, seamlessly blending modern elegance with the traditional charm of the church. 

The new lighting not only addressed practical needs but also created a welcoming ambiance for the diverse events hosted at the site.

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