Personal questions 

  • How do I buy tools?
    • Keep a running total of your budget. If you over spend you will be charged the additional costs via invoice. When in the wholesaler confirm the cost of the part, using your name and tools on the reference. Make sure this is on its own paperwork, and not linked with other items. These will be added to your file in the office.
  • How do I report issues with my uniform?
    • Take pictures and Wattsapp them to team leader. They can check the stock, and get ready for you.  
  • How do I book holiday? 
    • Use bright hr, and book in when you would like to have off. Ensure you book at least 4 weeks away from the dates you want. Sick/or hospital/doctors appointments are different so email the
  • My Appraisal is coming up?
    • This will be logged on SimPro so reminders will be set, but by all means message the bosses to ask when it is happening. Every 6 months will be a 1 hour review, once a year will be a 2/3 hour conversation. Ensure you have prepared your questions!
  • Calling in sick
    • Call not text message your team manager and inform them. Also inform the person you are working with that day! This is a common curtesy. 
  • Accident on site – Report immediately with your manager. This needs to be logged, reported on and ensure we learn from the issue. 
  • HR issues – Complaints about someone working for D Squared but you want to talk to someone outside the business. – Peninsular – DSQ001 – 0844 892 2775



  • How do I report an issues with my van?
    • Tires – SE tires in Farlington – 02392179738. Call and book and then or you pay and email the invoice straight across, and we will settle up. 
    • Windscreen – Call and book in when on site one day.
    • Accidents please follow the paperwork provided on email and ensure all actions are followed.
    • Anything else call the office and ask what to do. 
  • Where do I take my van when its ready for a service/MOT?
    • Smith and Co – 02392 170040. Unit 8, OJ’s Industrial Park, Claybank road, PO3 5SX. 
    • Services and MOT’s need to be booked in around you so co-ordinate with your team leader when a good time to book it in is. 
  • Breakdowns
    • Do not breakdown! The vans are new enough this really should not happened. Call your manager, and they will raise it. 


Company details 

Busines limited number – 08385565 

VAT number – 170240546

Bank details – 13479064 – 20-69-40

Accountant – Hughes Spensor – 02392 25093



SimPro needs to be used as the bible.


Timesheets/days sheets

  • Every day. Get in the van, select the job, start travel. Get to site, click start job. 
  • There is an exception when on the job its logged as a no travel time job. Only then do you not click travel. 
  • The main guy has to complete the prelims, or request someone does it on their behalf. It’s still their responsibility to ensure its correct. 
  • You guys only get to charge us when D Squared is being paid. Any travel over an hour we charge for so you get paid. 8 hours on site working. Anything less than an hour travel is not chargeable, even if that means going to the unit, or the wholesaler. 
  • No need to click off for lunch – you get 30 mins, no more.
  • Once the job is complete click off. If you are going somewhere else then click on the next job and start travel. If you miss this step then your time will not be logged correctly. 
  • Every Friday check that week is correct, accurate, and completed correctly. Once checked your time then enjoy your weekend! 
  • If on Monday when I review them there are any inconsistences with Lightfoot I reserve the right to remove all overtime and travel time for that week. This will be gone for good. 
  • People without vans. This is a little complicated. Firstly you must fill out the form (please see below last page) for every single car trip, both personal and business. D Squared will pay you 12p per mile when driving to meet one of the work vans, when it saved D Squared time, or their engineers time, not to the unit. HMRC will then top up the money on your end of year claims. – Follow this link, fill out the details and then they will top up the fuel costs, with the information you provide, hence why you have to record your millage. We need a photo of your dash to know what millage we are starting on, this way the paperwork you provide will add up correctly. 


On site questions 

  • Nobody is one site?
      • Do not call the client. 
      • Call the supervisor of the project and ask for their advice.
      • Call the people we are working with and see if they know. 
  • Something supplied is faulty?
      • You simply write on the box the job number, what the fault is, and where is came from. On your way home return the product to the wholesaler. Do not put on the side an expect you to suddenly have magic powers of transportation. 
    • Materials provided are incorrect
      • This needs to be added to the notes of the job. Also call the person who dealt with this job and find out if its an error their end of the wholesaler. Then get the correct gear ordered and delivered. 


  • Edmundsons – account number – 905166 – phone number for Portsmouth – 02392 652821
  • Rexel – account number – 55415823 – Phone number for Portsmouth – 02392690537
    • Accounts to pay – call Tel: +44 (0)121 366 1265 (Direct)  Mob: 07443449473
  • ERF – Account number – 11850 – Phone number for Aldershot – -1264 357374
  • Mayflex – Account number – CDSQ700 – Phone number – 0121 326 1418
  • Elliots – Account number – DSQUES – Portsmouth number – 02392 – 823426
    • Account number –  023 8038 5315