Key points to consider

Why should you guys listen to us? How do we expect you to be here for 300+ years? Well……..

Aspire contract is a 25 year contract, and we have been positioning ourself within the Aspire as the “go to company”. We have also ensured building companies that tender work come to us first time, every time. 

Portsmouth City council  is a 4 year contract, that gets awarded again when the companies complete what is asked from them every time without fail.

Javelin have been a stable company for over 15 years, and have a list of clients that they continue to grow, and improve. We are their electricians, and we hope to grow with them further. 

I could go on. We have already been going for 15 years…..what is another 25?

Each door we open strengthens our position as a company. Every day you guys are on site our reputation either grows, or not. This is how important every one of us is to D Squared. Each of us add to the reputation and the image of D Squared. 

Are you adding value??

This is what we want you to think about. Is all I do to the benefit of D Squared? 

Now each job role has a description….read yours, and others to understand your role, and what is expected. 

Write down questions, thoughts and issues, and these will be discussed at the reviews. Everyone is having a review in Sept/Oct 2020 and now the next one is March 2021 .

Now, lets start at the beginning……..Tier 1 – AKA Green monkeys – NTI’s (new to industry)

You are the young blood, the energetic youth here to learn, grow, and improve. D Squared will do what it can, but ultimately it is you who dictate how much you grow. Effort = Results. 




Appearance – work uniform, cleaned and tidy. You are the first impressions on site

Make sure we get gleaming reviews from the college. Good results and no complaints from them.

Booked CSCS course – go on to pass as soon as joining D squared. 

You must show up ready to work and support the engineers in your team. 

Take pictures of the work you have done so we can monitor your progress. Upload to SimPro

Help clean the work van – both inside and out. Do not leave rubbish and random stuff in there. 

Show willingness to learn to the guys so they want to teach you – Ask lots of questions, and learn from the answers. Work hard, and not get distracted with phones, or shiny objects

Clean and tidy inside the van and organise the back in down time. (Ie if you can’t find anything to do then you clean the van)

Look after you tools and work out what would help you to get next. 

Basic tools – learn to use them, and take responsibility for them. Don’t lose them! You pay for lost tools! Return other people’s tools to the same place you took them from. Every time. 

Review the things you have learnt this week, and write notes. The more you log the better the results will be going forward.

Understand when to use signs ie, barriers and men ast work and why we use them. Then ensure they are used.

Clean up every job without fail, better than it was when we arrived, without being asked

Make sure you clothes are washed, dry and ready for Monday every week. 

Understanding basic health and safety, and why it’s in place, and how you

Personality traits

  • Reliable, attentive, eager, inquisitive, punctual. Honest, consistent, trustworthy.

Ways to get promoted.

  • Wire small rig.
  • Show up, on time,  every day, ready to work.
  • Receive nothing but compliments from how much effort you put in. 
  • CSCS certificate and card brought to the review. 
  • Show basic understanding of your job role, and electrics.
  • Demonstrate how to follow instructions, and listen. 

Questions to ask yourselves every day to advance yourselves quicker within the company. 

  • What did I learn today?
  • Did I help my team or hinder?
  • What did I find challenging?
  • Did I do better than yesterday?
  • Have I completed SimPRO correctly?


Daily flow chart



Tier 2 – AKA Blue Panda’s – EAL (experienced apprentice learner)

Now as you enter the 2nd year you have learned the basics, got to know your team, and learned about yourself a little. Now it’s time to show everyone what you have learnt, and where you want to get too. People notice your actions and treat you accordingly. Make sure it’s the impression you want to give out. 




Work on your own unsupervised. (not hide and play with your phone, play fight) Figure out solutions on site, and communicate to office.

Learn, and improve your understanding of basic electrics. Retain information learned. Be keen to learn.

Study your college work. Make the things you have been taught become second nature to you.

Hone good communication skills – clients and colleagues – Practice explaining issues and ideas.

Positive feedback from clients and colleagues. 

Ensure you have uploaded pictures once a month so that your college can comment on the content you have created. 

Learn new skills – then practice, improve and speed up. Gaining confidence in your abilities. 

Progress on courses – AM2 and NVQ – College is happy with progress and have had no complaints about you. 

Proactive on site (cleaning/tidying/removing waste independently) even passing relevant tools at the correct time.

Complete test sheets under supervision. – Learn weaknesses and ask question. 

Helpful to others.

Help clean the vans. 

Gaining confidence in your abilities. 

Personality traits in addition

  • Trustworthy, confident, Team player, humble, thoughtful, proactive

Tests to get promoted. 

  • College work – AM2 progress? NVQ tests results. 
  • Work colleagues feedback;- Are you ticking the above boxes?
  • Show competency working unsupervised. 
  • Constant positive reviews from the co workers.
  • Being requested to work with a lot. 
  • Be able to bend galvanised tube to fit install. Proof. Show your skills with metal trucking and SWA.
  • Complete ring main and basic lighting circuit alone.


Daily workflow 

Apprentice flow chart is the base, but now you know the basics you should come to work with additional responsibilities.



Tier 3 – Electrical improver – AKA Pink flamingo’s – NQE (newly qualified electrician)




Continue to improve you standards and speed of install.

Complete test sheets alone with no issues. Learn from mistakes, and feedback about certificates you are submitting. 

Learn how to cope under pressure. Ask for training if you struggle. Confidence to complete work on your own.

Listen and help with daily huddles – offer requirements for helping to complete the jobs.

Create material sheets on SimPro for next phase of project. Get someone more experienced to talk you through the thoughts process. 

Passed AM2. Got the certificate to prove it.

Be reliable and dependable  – help  to complete the jobs to a high standard within required time frames. 

Help teach the apprentices the basics. Support them as through the ups and downs of learning.

Utilise 18th edition book, and on site guide to improve and solidify your knowledge. 

Proactive in methods to improve time on site. – How have you speed up a process, system, or execution. 

Learn different methods to complete the same tasks. Work out which is the best and efficient ways to compete your work.

Clean the van once a month to ensure that you look the part. 

Start to provide constructive feedback to all involved in projects. Make sure you are clear and concise. 

Personality traits

  • Driven, passionate, eager, knowledgeable, productive, inspiring, compassionate.

Test to get promoted. 

  • Complete 3 Bathrooms alone. Zero negative feedback being the essential part. Any mistakes or issues to be discussed each time and find out what could have been done differently.  
  • Test sheets inspected with explanations. 
  • Have you helped the new apprentices?
  • Show understanding of boiler wiring.
  • Explain how to work out cable calculations. 
  • Explain how to work out which equipment to use. 
  • Talk through a lighting circuit.
  • Can you train from mistakes you made when learning your craft?


Daily workflow 

Apprentice flow chart is the base, but now you know the basics you should come to work with additional responsibilities. 





Tier 4 –  Electrician

 Now you are qualified. You sit between the experienced, and the green newbies. What is next for you? Solidify your knowledge, grow your confidence, help the youngsters and be the best you can be.  




Strong communication skills, in all aspects with clients and members of the team. Clear communication on site about the tasks required and how to achieve them. Concise feedback about any issues, that is easy to follow, and implement the relevant solution. (produce quote, feedback to client, or suppliers)

Utilise SimPro to improve efficiency within the company which in turn will help the growth of the business. Proof will be your notes on SimPro

Clean your van! Make sure you manage to book in the van and keep it clean and tidy. 

Be aware of wasted time, and materials and work within the set guidelines. Highlight to others ways to save time. Give us an example?

Help you and work colleagues improve knowledge and skills. What have you learned in the last month? How many ideas have you shared with the group?

Review your month and work out what you did well, and what could have been improved. 

Find all issues on site, so we can report on them to our clients. You can also receive money back for this. What’s your commission looking like?

keep an eye on the apprentices and ensure correct uniform etc. Hold their hands when learning. Do not berate, but guide. 

Watch the more experienced and work out what they do that you can learn from. How do they manage people? How do they ensure materials are ready on time? Etc.

Ask questions when not 100%. Follow protocol. Self manage – Time, materials, job completion, test sheets

Are you able to run a site, and a team effectively. Ensure best use of time. Compile correct and though list for materials whilst on site.

Customer communication so they are kept in the loop at all times. Prove with examples. 

Personality traits

  • Enthusiastic, Helpful, Understandable, Driven to improve, Customer driven, Smart, Mild mannered, Approachable, present. Confident, Conscientious, Knowledgeable, Consistent. Level headed.

Test to get promoted.

  • Site coming in under budget and on time
  • No lost money, via time on site, or poor material organisation. 
  • SimPro shows strong progress. 
  • Reduced trips to the wholesaler.
  • Commission earnings appear.
  • Feedback from apprentices is positive, and people want to work with you.  
  • Offer suggestions that work correctly on your jobs regularly. 


Daily workflow 

You are now qualified, and it’s time to hone your skills and progress your knowledge. Now you must notice other people’s work and expand your knowledge in as many areas as possible.


Tier 5 – High end spark – Electrician that nearly never causes issues

You sit at the top level of knowledge. You have honed your skills, battered your wits and become someone people look up to. Big responsibility lies in your hands, so please look after it. Pass knowledge on, help the newbies to grow, and set strong examples. 

List of requirements:

  1. Ability to be sent to any job for any client with no question you can complete the job within the timeline. 
  2. Minimum calls for technical help, other than to confirm a thought process. 
  3. Clean and tidy at all times, leaving sites better then when we arrived. 
  4. High level of finish on a multiple situations, and setting examples to the younger guys. 
  5. Clients feedback always positive. How many jobs have you managed to uplift?
  6. Requested to complete additional tasks for clients. This is a show of how much confidence you inspire to our clients. You bring in additional work due to being in-depth, thoughtful and competent. 
  7. Seniors and supervisors have complete confidence in you. They do not question your knowledge. 
  8. Achieve projects within the time frame or faster. The faster the jobs done the more profit we generate. Have all your recent jobs been profitable?
  9. Help train your work colleagues to ensure you standard is past to others. Can you give us an example of a recent example of this?
  10. When asked please advise others on ways to improve their standards. 




Daily huddles – you are in charge of collecting data – feed this to PM’s

Review jobs and see if we could have saved time/materials?

Teach others thought processes that help you do your day to day. 

Review the guys – who has impressed and why. 

Clean and tidy at all times – leaving sites better than we found them. 

How have the apprentices impressed this week?

Achieve projects within the time frame or faster. The faster the jobs done the more profit we generate. Have all your recent jobs been profitable?

What can D Squared to better support and assist you?

Help train your work colleagues to ensure you standard is past to others.

Personality traits

  • Confident, consistence, stable, knowledgeable, compliant, skilled, concise, great communicator, driven, helpful, kind. 


Daily workflow chart 

You have become the highest desired standard of electrician at D Squared. Congratulations. You allow us to grow, by proving to the clients every time we show up that they made the correct decision to use D Squared. Simply by you doing what you do and a daily bases D Squared will continue to grow and be recognized as a company who clients can depend on. 



Tier 6 – Supervisor/manager

Now you are a leader in more ways than one. A lot of things ride on you, and your actions. Look after your team, cover all bases on the jobs, and inspire greatness from your team. Lead them forwards and allow them to make mistakes, and grow as people. 

List of requirements:

  1. Understand quoting, clients and the office systems. 
  2. Follows the guidelines provided. 
  3. Ability to quote work correctly and produce material list correctly. 
  4. Jobs are profitable.
  5. Use Simpro comprehensively. Ensure Simpro has correct and concise information. Simpro is the bible. 
  6. Keen to learn and improve profit margins.
  7. Helpful and thoughtful within their working role
  8. Direct contact daily with all on site. 
  9. Supportive to the guys on site with issues. 
  10. Humble when mistakes are made.
  11. Controlled in their approach to projects to ensure smooth transition of information from the office to site, and back. 
  12. Driven by wanting to be better. 

Daily tasks 

Weekly tasks

Monthly Tasks

Daily huddle with each site then Shipp.

Invoicing work

Save a day, or 10

Customer relations

Ordering of materials – monitor deliveries.

Forecast sales for the next month.

Quotation of jobs

Paperwork – Rams, toolbox talks

Check figures against score cards.

Organising materials


Discuss good and bad of the month. 

Job supervising

Manage your team + moral boost. 

Double check invoices been sent for all jobs.

Communication within management

Create openings for more job opportunities 

Chase quotes. 

Last min Re-Scheduling

Improve efficantcy

Personality traits

  • Calm, thoughtful, considerate, grounded, knowledgeable, humble, in-depth, informative, thankful, helpful, 

Job Role test

  • Are you jobs making money?
  • Have you learnt from the last year, 6 months, quarter, month, week, day, hour. You get my point?!
  • Have you communicated to your clients correctly, and concisely. Have you dropped the ball?
  • Do you provide solutions before questions?
  • Can you work independently and still achieve high levels of service?
  • Are many mistakes made? Are any left for others to find?
  • Is the connection from site to office being helped or hindered by your actions?
  • What is the feedback from the guys on site?
  • Have you been able to hand over certain aspects to the next in line to assist their training?
  • Are you on board to drive the business forward?