As a property or business owner, you might want to invest in security and fire detection systems. However, these can be quite expensive.

This is why we have partnered with finance providers so you have the option of leasing security CCTV camera systems and fire alarm systems for your commercial buildings.

Does your budget not allow for security system installation? No problem, get in touch with us to discuss a leasing option!

What are the benefits of leasing?

  • Get your security installation when you need it, not when budget permits
  • Enjoy 100% tax relief rentals payable
  • You can pay monthly or quarterly over a period instead of paying a lump sum
  • Keep your leased camera or fire alarm updated with technology upgrades at any time during the lease period
  • Protect your existing credit lines by using leasing as an alternative funding facility

Get in touch with us today to discuss leasing security and fire alarm systems for your commercial building.

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