Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Do you need a solution to deter theft and vandalism for your business, site, or home? Our CCTV installation services could be just the thing for you!

You can secure assets on your property with this simple on-site security system. What’s more, you also get peace of mind, crime reduction, and provide aid to the police in case a crime is committed.

However, security camera installation isn’t just about protecting physical property. You can also use thermal imaging CCTV cameras to screen for raised body temperature, helping identify people who might be displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Whether it is your valuables or your people that you want to protect, our CCTV installation services are there for you.

Would you like to get on-site protection for your workplace or residence?

What do you get with our CCTV installation?

  • Minimum 4MP resolution
  • Video analytics, line crossing, and object intrusion zones
  • Facial recognition
  • Number plate recognition
  • Fever screening
  • Remote access via PC or smartphone app
  • Intuitive software

With D Squared, you get commercial and residential CCTV installation services that allow for remote connectivity. As a business-owner or homeowner, you can monitor your property at all times, no matter where you are via your PC or smartphone.

Whether you want to visually confirm staff safety, possible intruders, or false alarms, our security cameras give you instant confirmation and complete peace of mind.

Would you like to add our CCTV installation to your security systems?

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