Access Control Installation Service

Does your business have secure departments and sensitive data areas where movement of visitors needs to be controlled? You might benefit from our access control systems and security installations!

Protecting your company’s assets can be essential for your business. At the same time, you also need to make sure the people with authorisation can come and go easily.

Our access control systems for offices are designed to help you make your business secure as well as efficient. With our solution, you can control the flow of visitors and employees within your organisation.

Additionally, with the risk of COVID-19 infection, you may need access control system installation services to help you regulate the flow and group size.
Concerned about people with fever entering the area? We offer thermal imaging that can be integrated into your control system to screen people for high temperature!

Would you like your business to be secure with our access control security installation?

What does our access control installation service offer you?

  • Know and control who is coming in and out of your premises
  • Completely and confidently protect your company assets
  • Restrict and control access to all areas with complete flexibility and bespoke configuration
  • Get modular systems that are fully scalable
  • Stand-alone or networked-based systems for multi-site control
  • COVID-19 Fever Screening integration
  • Never face the problem of lost keys again
  • Restrict car park access to authorised personnel
  • Fire alarm and smart building integration

At D Squared, we provide a wide array of bespoke access control security solutions such as fobs, keypads, Swipe cards, NFC and biometric access. We offer complete design, installation and maintenance services all tailored to your organisations’ individual needs. Get access control that’s suitable for your company!

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