Cost-Saving Lighting Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

Did you know that out-of-date, inefficient lighting systems could be costing your business a lot of money? If you switch to a more effective, energy-saving system, like LED lighting, you could make significant savings in your energy bills.

How much money, you ask?

We recently completed cost-saving, LED lighting upgrades project for the award-winning Admiralty Quarter in the heart of Portsmouth. This involved over 360 fittings and saved them over 80% in running costs.

That’s not all. They also made huge reductions in ongoing expenses like maintenance.

In addition to being economical for you, LED lighting upgrades are also good for the environment. They last longer, and have also shown positive effects on mood, health, and workplace productivity.

Would you like to upgrade your lighting to cost-saving LED?

Benefits of getting LED lighting upgrades through us…

  • Make considerable savings in your energy bills
  • Lower your ongoing expenses for maintenance with our 5-year guarantee
  • Enjoy an environment-friendly form of lighting to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Create a workspace that improves the mental well-being of your employees
  • Make use of the grants and assistance available for energy-saving upgrades

At D Squared, you get cost-saving lighting upgrades for commercial buildings designed to help you lower energy costs. We can help you avoid the numerous pitfalls in the world of commercial lighting.

We also offer lighting upgrades and cost-saving calculations on existing lighting systems so you know exactly what you’re getting.

You can enjoy even more reduction in expenses with adjustments to controlled lighting systems. This way, you only can use light when and where it is needed most!

Are you interested in finding out more about how LED lighting upgrades can help your business?

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