Emergency Lighting Testing to Ensure Safe Installations

When regular lighting fails, due to an emergency event like a fire, it can cause confusion and panic. Imagine a familiar building rendered unrecognisable because of smoke, and then you’re enveloped in darkness on top of that.

This is where emergency lighting could save lives, guiding people out of the building to safety.

Whilst you may have emergency lighting installed, the reality is that these systems can modify and deteriorate over time. This is why you need to ensure regular inspection and testing.

How does that help? If there are any defects or damage to the system, they can be identified and fixed before an emergency occurs.
Would you like to keep your employees safe in case of regular lighting failure in an emergency?

How does our emergency lighting testing help you?

  • Compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Systems that are safe to use at all times
  • Reduced risk and enhanced protection for your employees
  • Pre-emptive measures to make sure emergency lighting works when needed

At D Squared, you can be sure of comprehensive testing and maintenance of emergency lighting. With our month testing, condition reporting, and upgrades for compliance for all buildings, you can be sure that your emergency lighting won’t fail you when you need it most.

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